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Two-block suits you or not.

Two-block is a common sight among fashionable boys, but recently there has been an increase in the number of girls dressed as men and two-blocks among girls overseas, and I am longing to incorporate it.

However, I think that one arm of a hairdresser who actually asks for two blocks will decide whether it looks good or not, and I can’t order it easily.

Usually, the hairdresser who is in charge of me makes me wonder if it suits me sometimes, so I can’t talk about it in two blocks.

However, a friend of mine wanted to make the hairstyle of a girl who appeared in an overseas drama, so I had it cut immediately.

That’s the two-block.

Whether it was a failure or a failure, it was obvious at a glance if you looked at her, it was a failure.

I think that women who look good in two blocks are premised on a small face.

Especially if you incorporate girlishness well, I don’t think you can end up with a sexy and cute style if you have short hair and look boyish.

My friend was bold, had long hair cut off to a bang, and had a drastic makeover.

Since the sides and neckline are trimmed, the nape must be clean, and if you only look at the hairstyle, the whole thing may look uncomfortable.

If you only look at the back, you will think that he is a boy.

Of course, there are girls who are struggling with their hairstyle.

For example, if there is a lot of volume on the side and it looks heavy, maybe two blocks can solve it.

I think it is characterized by a crisp three-dimensional style.

What I admire is the type of two-block that leaves the hair on the surface long.

I think this will allow you to enjoy 2-way hair and cover the possibility of becoming too unique.

My friend who made it a two-block set it every morning, but if I were to compare it to pineapple. Rather than being fluffy, it seemed that the set was difficult to suppress the boggy and habitual hair as an expression.