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Occupation, reaping style considering total fashion

There was a mowing style trainer at the sports club I used to go to.

She was tall, slender, and muscular, but she also had a feminine softness.

I think there were many people who went to that sports club with the goal of creating such a style.

Such a trainer. The hair was shorn and suited her very well.

When I asked her, she told me that the reaping style has been her trademark since her debut as a trainer.

And it continues to this day.

Being tall, her presence is noticeable just by being inside the sports club.

And everyone started to have a goal of being cool and wanting to be that style.

And there were many female members who admired her trademark reaping style.

I once asked the female trainer why she chose a trimming style, which was her trademark and that as a trainer at a sports club, this was the best way to keep her hair intact.

Certainly, there are strenuous exercises, aerobics and boxing lessons.

In such a case, the trainer sweats more than most people, and he cannot be conscious of his hair every time.

Therefore, I was told that I don’t worry too much about my hair and that I use this hairstyle so that I can concentrate on the lesson.

Also, I was told that when I went to the trimming style, even after the lesson was over and I finished the shower, it didn’t take much time to take care of my hair.

She told me that the trimmed style is the hairstyle that suits a sports club trainer, and that this has become her trademark, which has made her work easier.

A reaping style that considers total fashion as a trainer in his profession.

I think it’s great for trainers.