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What was good and bad about having two blocks

About 5 years ago, I had short cropped hair (two blocks).

At that time, women’s two-block was just starting to become popular, and it is true that I was worried about what would happen at first.

My child and husband have two blocks, and I got the impression that they can be easily cleaned with hair clippers and are very easy to maintain, so I challenged myself.

In fact, when I tried it, it was very cool in the summer and I had hair clippers at home, so it was easy to care for, and I liked it very much.

It’s a family match, so personally, I think it was very good to have a sense of family.

The mothers around me also said that I was fashionable, and I used to have long hair and the clothes I wore were somewhat biased, but now I can wear a variety of clothes.

On the other hand, people I met for the first time sometimes gave me a little scary impression.

I feel that women’s uke is relatively good, but male uke is the worst.

Also, regarding the care, although I could do it myself, I had my family trim most of it.

Also, it is true that it is cool when it is freshly cared for, but when it starts to stretch a little, it gives a slightly unkempt impression.

I continued for about half a year, but during that time, the length of my hair changed from short hair to bob to medium, and the seasons changed, so I ended up stopping.

People who know don’t really care, but one of the reasons is that I thought it would be better to be a mom somehow.
I was also worried that all the high school girls in the volleyball club who passed by the neighborhood had similar hairstyles, so I stopped.

At that time, my hair was short and I could see the trimmed part, but if it was the part that went over the hair, I think it would be good to make it two blocks again.

It’s cool, and if you’re a sports person or work in beauty or clothing, I feel like you can do it without any particular resistance.

If I had been a little younger, I would have tried one more time.