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The reaping I tried when I was in junior high school

I was a junior high school student at the time, so I changed from long hair to short cuts to make shampooing easier.

I decided to cut my long hair.

At that time, the Internet was not so widespread, so I went to beauty salons referring to magazines.

I should have brought a magazine clipping, but I decided not to take it with me, but to order it verbally.

It was written in a magazine that it was “reaping”, and the model was a popular talent at the time.

I asked him to mow it up, but the hairdresser laughed at me.

At that point, I should have gone home because it was too rude, but at that time I was still a junior high school student and didn’t really understand the meaning, and the magazine said that it was sheared, and it was a hairstyle done by an entertainer who is a popular talent, so I didn’t really care what was wrong.

I was still in junior high school, so of course I couldn’t color or perm, but I laughed as I passed by the hairdresser who was not in charge.

It was a really terrible response.

Of course, the beauty salon is no longer closed.

The reactions of the people around me were normal.

Maybe they would have laughed at me for being weird.

It may have been a hairstyle that chooses people.

The shampoo also became much easier, and I was satisfied with myself.

Even if you fail to immerse yourself or cut it, if you wear a hat or are young right away, your hair will grow out, so I think you can manage it.

Two-block and reaping may be a challenge for those who are not familiar with it, but I think you should try it without fear of failure.

Also, the short part after shaving feels very comfortable to the touch, so people can touch it.

It’s nice to be thrilled when you get it from someone you like.

In order to prevent the failure of pruning and two-block, it is recommended to research it on the Internet or in magazines.

If you analyze all aspects such as facial shape, hair quality, and hair volume, collect a lot of samples, and show them to a hairdresser, you will not fail in most cases.

I think a compatible hairdresser is the strongest.