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A woman’s experience of having two-block hair.

I have a lot of hair, and I always had too much volume to set and curly hair.

If you have two blocks of long hair, you may not be caught if you don’t tie your hair. I tried two-block hair with a light feeling.

By making it a two-block hair, there were both advantages and disadvantages.

I would like to write an article about what I felt at that time.

First, from the merits.

As I wrote earlier, I was very worried about having too much volume, but it was solved by making it two-block hair.

Even if I had curly hair, I was very satisfied with the feeling of volume because I couldn’t see the two blocks unless I put it in a ponytail.

To color your hair, you can now use only one hair colorant, which used to be two or three.

In addition, there was no unevenness in coloring, so it took a lot of time.

If you add color to the two-block part, it looks fashionable even in a ponytail, which was my personal favorite.

At first, I thought it was a little embarrassing, but when I took the plunge and put out two blocks, it was surprisingly well received, so I wore a ponytail occasionally.

I think it’s a hairstyle that you can enjoy if you like fashion and are young in terms of age!

The disadvantage is what to do when your hair grows out.

I had two-block hair about three times, but when I wanted to grow it, I hated it until the trimmed part stretched.

It’s still nice to grow freshly, but when it grows to a certain extent, it comes out of the long hair, so personally it’s very ugly! smile

I have no choice but to put up with this, but if it grows only for that moment, it doesn’t matter!

Even more troublesome is the period until it is the same length as long hair.

Even when I put my hair on my ears or tie it up a little, it comes out like an idiot, and this amount of hair is too much to get by with back hair (laughs).

But if you can clear this, I think it’s a good experience to try this hairstyle once!