You are currently viewing I like shorter or longer than shorn hair. Although it may be quite a male opinion、、、

I like shorter or longer than shorn hair. Although it may be quite a male opinion、、、

I am a man in his 30s now, and I have seen several women I have actually dated (including friends and acquaintances) who have reaped the cutting.

The reasons for choosing shorn hair were different for each person, for example, it was troublesome to care for their hair, or they wanted to have a hairstyle similar to their favorite model.

It’s just my personal opinion, but I wanted women to have short hair.

Short hairstyles such as very short and trimmed hair are not strange, and I think they are rather cool.

Some people looked like models if they were tall.

However, when I had a short hairstyle, I sometimes felt like a male friend, and even though I liked the person I wanted to date, I sometimes got cold.

Maybe the shorter hair makes it look too cool.

However, personally, I would like women to retain a certain length of hair.

Also, the women who trim their hair may be the only women around me, but I am surprised every time that there are many people who suddenly get shorn.

I am surprised because the length of my hair changes drastically, so I would like you to gradually shorten it if possible.

Well, it’s not like I’m cutting my hair, so you might be wondering what I’m talking about、、、。

However, I understand that hair is difficult for women to take care of on a regular basis, and if it is short, it is easier to care for and the burden is reduced.

I like hair lengths that are shorter than short, but I think it’s probably harder to dry or set your hair when it’s that long.

When it comes to the length of hair such as shorn hair and very short, I think that area is also a cloud mud difference, so I think it will be much easier than usual.

I think that women usually have such a heavy burden, so they can be relieved of them, and there may be more good things for women to do.

This is just my opinion as a man, and I only look at the appearance, and I think it is my own opinion.

It may be an opinion that women don’t understand.

But personally, I still like hair length that is shorter than short.