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Is it a shocking hairstyle for high school students?

At the beauty salon I attend, when the high school student sitting next to me was cut, I encountered a scene where I was not satisfied with the result.

I went to the beauty salon to get my hair cut and permed, and a high school girl sat next to me.

When I looked at it, I heard people saying that they wanted to cut their hair short because they had uniforms and club activities.

Meanwhile, the next cut went on and on.

And when I shampooed it and checked the cut, I heard a voice again saying that it should be a little shorter.

And then the cut progressed again, but at the end, it seems to be really short.

I couldn’t watch the glitter during that time, so I just watched it unfold in silence.

And when you went into the final check, was it so short? What? How do I get to school tomorrow? I heard her voice.

You must have been surprised by the hair that was shorter than you imagined.

In response to that voice, the hairdresser said, it’s cool. It’s a trendy hairstyle right now.

Is this reaping style in fashion? I haven’t seen much around me… I thought.

She didn’t react much to the hairdresser’s voice either.

However, the hairdresser showed me some magazines that there was a way to arrange this.

You can split your hair to the left and right like this, or you can make your hair stand up. It is a recommended hairstyle because it suits fashion, femininity, and masculinity. Especially if you sweat during club activities, your hair won’t be too disturbed.

In a sense, I thought it was a compliment, but I still praised the high school student for about 10 minutes, and he managed to convince me.

Also, if you don’t like it, you can fix it, so please come within 3 days. The hairdresser sent the high school students away for free.

How do you rework it any more? On the contrary, the high school student who was relieved by the voice left the beauty salon.

The cutting style may be difficult for high school students who are hypersensitive and delicate.