You are currently viewing Here is a summary of public opinion about reaping girls.

Here is a summary of public opinion about reaping girls.

Here is a summary of public opinion about reaping girls.

So, in a questionnaire, we asked about reaping girls, regardless of gender, age or gender.
I asked about merits and demerits, good opinions, and bad opinions, so I didn’t collect good opinions.

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In addition, in Imechen Story, we support the reaping girls.

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Now let’s do about the opinion of the reaping girls!

Opinions about reaping girls

I am a man in his 40s who lives in Miyagi Prefecture. There is no rule that only men are allowed to moa, so I don’t think there is any particular problem. It’s a matter of degree, but it depends on how far you mow it, but I think it’s good if it is. It is better to freshen up, especially in summer.

I am a woman in her late 20s living in Tokyo. I think the reaping girls are wonderful. It looks great in boyish fashion and unisex fashion. I think there are people who are worried about men’s uke, but I feel that men’s tastes vary and there is no point in thinking about it too much.

I am a woman in my late 20s. I think the reaping girls are cool. It’s a hairstyle that I can’t easily do myself, and I don’t have the courage to trim it, so I respect it. Surprisingly, there are many women who look good, so I thought it would be good to become popular in the future.

He is a man in his early 40s living in Kyushu. Regarding women’s cropped hair, it is important to know what kind of hairstyle suits the person, so it is totally OK as long as it suits you. Also, I think the shortcuts of junior high school and high school girls who are doing their best in club activities are cute.

The type that shears both sides is often seen on TV recently. If it’s a two-block guy, I think it’s okay to have a modern style without feeling uncomfortable. However, if you are a stiff person, the range of reaping will be wider. I can even feel the momentum to eventually shave or even do soft mohicans. Well, I think it’s okay to be free and carefree.

I am a woman in her late 20s living in Iwate Prefecture. I like reaping girls cool and cool. I have a hairstyle that doesn’t suit me, so I envy people who look good very much. However, the hairstyle is a little too refreshing, so I think it will inevitably make a man’s uke worse.

I am a woman in my late forties. Reaper girls, I love them because they’re cute! I have the impression that you can wear clothes for men smoothly, and you dare to charm sweet clothes in a cool way. It’s easy to think that it doesn’t look good unless it’s slender and boyish, but I think it’s wonderful because its dependability and coolness stand out even if it’s a big-boned person.

Personally, I have always admired hairstyles with shoulder-length black hair, and when I met my current spouse, he had very nice long black hair. I’m not saying it’s bad for shortcuts and mowing, but the boyish style isn’t to my liking. My granddaughter’s hair is also a little long, which is very cute. I think girls have a girlish hairstyle.

I am a woman in her early 50s living in Niigata. I don’t think there is any particular problem with women’s shorn hair. When I was in my twenties, I had pretty short hair, so there were times when I had a hairstyle that looked like a crop. At that time, women’s shorn hair was also popular, but I think it’s good to have the impression that they are cool and cute.

Depending on the area to be mowed. It’s almost trimmed and a little scary with a mohawk-like hairstyle … If you trim the sides a little and make it semi-long, I think it’s cool like a person doing dance. However, from a woman’s point of view, there may be an opinion that it is cool, but it may not be so good for men.

I am a woman in her late 40s from Hokkaido. I think the reaping girls are very cool. Especially girls with short cuts, I think they will appeal to women. My daughter also longs for a reaper girl, so I think I’ll ask for it at the beauty salon next time.

I am a woman in her late 30s who lives in Tokyo. My mother had shorn hair from the time I was born until about kindergarten. As a young child, I honestly didn’t really like that hairstyle. I guess she wanted femininity and gentle atmosphere from her mother. I remember being very envious of the long hair of my mom in the other house. However, when I became an adult, I looked at old photos and my image changed. I felt very cool to see a mother holding her baby with her cropped hair. My mother, who held piano lessons at home, was a fashionable woman who was not swept away. Like my mother, I want to cherish my style, my way of thinking, and my way of life.

I am a woman in her late 30s living in the Kanto region. I think it would be good if the reaper girls looked fashionable and good. I like short and bob with only the inside slightly trimmed, and fashionable two-block. I don’t like that it’s mowed down so much that it’s lost its femininity.

I am a woman in her late 30s living in Fukuoka Prefecture. My opinion of the reaping girls is that they are women who have a firm sense of self and are highly fashionable. While there are many people with similar hairstyles, I think it’s cool to see women who choose to trim for shortcuts and bobs.

I am a woman in her early 20s living in Aichi Prefecture. I agree with the opinion of the reaping girls. I think that hairstyles that ignore men’s and women’s uke have their own personality and individuality. There are many cute women who look cool but are nice on the inside. Whether it’s a bob or long hair, each has its own charm, and it’s a hairstyle that I admire.

I am a 30-year-old man living in Kanagawa. About the reaping of women, I am very much against. If you trim your long hair and hide it with your hair, there is no problem, but a sheared woman has her masculinity in the foreground and will never be a romantic object.

I am a woman in her 30s who lives in Sendai City. My child attends kindergarten. Is there a two-block mother in the same kindergarten with the sides and back of the head trimmed? The long part is tied. The kindergarten itself is a casual kindergarten, but it still looks floating. It’s in the spotlight. I have the impression that the pros and cons are hairstyles.

I am a girl in her 20s in Tokyo. I think women’s shorn hair is stylish and very cool. However, I feel that if the makeup is not thick and firm, the trimming will float, so I think it is a hairstyle that does not suit natural makeup people. Linlin of BiSH looks good and is very nice!

I am a woman in her late 30s living in Hyogo Prefecture. I think the opinion of the reaper girls is unique and cool. I get the impression that many people who have such hairstyles know themselves well and look very good. In addition, I think it is a hairstyle that leaves an impression in both black and color.

I am a woman in her late 30s. I think the reaping girls are very nice. It’s refreshing, has a refreshing neckline, and is perfect for hot weather. Among the actresses, Yoshino Kimura is wonderful. If it’s about her length, it looks feminine and sexy.

You’re courageous. I think. If you stretch it for the time being, it looks like a girl, you can arrange it in various ways, and I feel safe. I think that if the person who suits you does it, it will be unique and cool, and it will not be sworn by boys. It looks easy to care for your hair, but it looks uncool when it grows out, and I don’t think you can maintain it unless you cut it frequently.

I am a woman in her late 20s living in Wakayama Prefecture. I think I’m very unique and wonderful about the reaping girls. It may be bad for men, but I think it’s cool to enjoy your favorite hairstyle without worrying about the eyes around you. My mother is also in her 50s, but she shortened her long hair and trimmed the sides. I was surprised when I first saw it, but now I think it looks very good and wonderful.

I am a woman in her early 30s who lives in Tokyo. As for my opinion on reaping girls, there are reaper girls even among entertainers, and I think it should suit that person. However, if you are going out in front of people, such as in sales, it is not recommended because it may be negative due to femininity.

He is an uncle in his 40s who lives in Hokkaido. I think it’s a cute reaping girl ~, and if it looks good, I think it’s an ant at all! If you reduce the volume of your hair in two blocks, you can expect a small face effect as a result, and it has a good impression with a sense of cleanliness.

I am a woman in her 20s living in Hokuriku. I myself cut both sides with 3 mm, and the reaction around me at first was often surprising, and it was not uncommon for people to say that they were scared, but as I got used to seeing it, some people cut it myself because it looked cool, and some people complimented me on how cool it was, and I like it very much.

I am a woman in her late 20s living in Kanagawa Prefecture. Recently, I have seen many women who have made a sheared cut, but I feel that it is probably not well received by men. However, there is a lot of support from the same sex, and I feel that many people have a refreshing personality.

I think women’s cropped hair is wonderful. In addition to the image of cool boyishness, it can give a positive image, and it is an impression that many artists and others have. There is also that image, and when ordinary women are shearing their hair, they feel a gap and catch the eye. I think women’s confidence is also very good because it is easy to take care of their hair and has a sense of cleanliness.

I am a woman in her late 20s living in Australia. She is a woman who is being reaped, but I have the impression that she loves music and plays music (band) herself. In the past, I had the image that two-block hairstyles were men’s hairstyles, but I personally think that it is a wonderful paper pattern because I feel that women are playing an active role.

He is a man in his late 50s from the Hokuriku region. As for the reaping of women, it is not something that others say because it is about the fashion of the person himself. If you see a girl trimmed from the opposite sex, the city is full of women with long hair and short hair. It is a familiar hairstyle. If you are a skinhead, it will attract the eyes of the surroundings, but it will not be the center of attention in the partially mowed position. Besides, it’s summer, so I think it’s good.

I am a female office worker in her early 20s living in Tokyo. I have an image that the impression of reaping girls is unique and cool. I think it’s cool to see people putting in two blocks with very shorts. However, I have the impression that he is a fashionable person with a small face rather than a man’s uke.


Yes, what did you think?
My personal impression is that there were more positive opinions than I expected. I think.
In fact, I received opinions about this questionnaire in such a way that it is okay to write bad things as long as it is not slander.
Isn’t it pretty close to the real opinion? I think.

If you have any other questions that you would like the general public to take, please let us know.
DM, twitter, comments, etc., so if you access it, we will respond.



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